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Women in Trades – A Smart Career Path

Opportunities for Women in the Trades

            The skilled trades are projected to be in dire need of more qualified and competent workers in the coming years. What is the answer to this looming challenge? Create more avenues and opportunities for women in the trades.

An Abundance of Career Choices for Women in the Trades

            Many people ask, “Why do we see very few women in the skilled trades?” The answer to this question is multi-faceted and is hotly debated. Only a small number of women have chosen the trades as a career so far but the tide is turning. Education and outreach programs are making women aware that the skilled trades can be an exciting, fulfilling and lucrative career choice.

The truth is today, more than ever, career choices are abundant for women in the trades. The path towards apprenticeship and education has never been clearer and the call for women to join the trades has never been louder.

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum report on the number of new skilled trades workers that will be needed in the near future (67,000 new journeypersons by 2023!) has shed light on the critical necessity for more women in the trades. So how has this made access and education easier for women?

Resources and Programs for Women Interested in the Trades

            When it comes to resources and programs for women in the trades, there is two different aspects. Education and recruitment at the high school/ university level. This helps young women see the potential of a career in the trades right from the onset of their careers. The other is hands-on training and placement programs. These can be available through schools or separately in the marketplace and are targeted towards all women, regardless of age. Companies like MyTrades.ca also host online career fairs and online hiring events.

Education Programs

            A great example of an education program is at Conestoga College in Cambridge, Ontario. Every year they hold a Jill of all Trades event where they invite teen girls to attend a full-day workshop. There they connect with women who have successful careers in the trades and get to get their hands dirty with the hands-on workshops. This helps them see the trades as a viable career choice.

            Okanagan College provides a 12-week Gateway to the Building Trades for Women program that is available at 4 college campuses. These programs can lead to enrolment in other programs that help with job placement and higher education for skilled trades.

            These are 2 examples but many programs like this exist in almost every province across Canada. Sites like Careers in Construction list many of the programs available.

Training Programs

            Empower Alberta is a no-cost, government-funded training program based in Calgary, Alberta. Their goal is to connect unemployed or underemployed women with an interest in entering the trades to the right resources and connections.

            The BC Center for Women in the Trades (BCCWITT) is a training/ education program that connects women to education, funding and resources to encourage and empower women across BC to enter the trades workforce. Organizations like these are paving the way for women who want to join the trades but aren’t sure where to begin.

            Women Building Futures is another organization that works with women hands-on to help train and position them for success in the field. Their employment training programs are designed to help develop the skills needed to begin a new career in the trades.

A Bright Future for Women in the Trades

            The need for women in the trades is clear and the path is laid for growing the number of women with a career in skilled trades. Companies like MyTrades.ca are helping build this bright future.

            MyTrades.ca has created a space for employers and job seekers alike to meet and engage. Those looking for careers can browse job opportunities specifically in the skilled trades. They can also reach out and connect with potential employers to discuss their future opportunities with them. The one component that makes mytrades.ca stand out is the launch of their virtual career fairs where jobseekers can engage in 1 on 1 chat and interviews from any device including tablets or phones. Be sure to check out all the virtual career hiring events hosted by mytrades.ca.

            MyTrades.ca is your next step in engaging in a fulfilling and lucrative career in the trades. Connect today at MyTrades.ca!

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