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What are the Best Trades Jobs for You?

What are the Best Trades Jobs for You?

Employers hiring for the best trades jobs today will be looking for people with the right technical abilities, problem-solving skills, a strong work ethic, and communication skills. 

If you’re curious about what the best trades jobs might be for your interest and skills, you’ll want to do some research to make sure you find a career that fits your preferences and lifestyle. 

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What are some of the best trades jobs? 

When you’re looking at the “best” trades jobs, remember that what’s great for some people may not be ideal for others. 

We might all think we want the highest paying jobs, but in truth, most trades jobs have a significant earnings potential.  

You should be thinking about what type of career you want to establish in the long run. 

Here are some questions to help you understand what the best trades jobs might be for your preferences and personality:

  • Are you willing/able to work in the field for months at a time? 
  • How much day-to-day risk are you willing to take? 
  • Do you want to be involved in building and construction? 
  • Are you technically skilled? 
  • Are you willing/able to work in different provinces? 
  • Do you want to work with your hands?  
  • Do you want to work with computers? 
  • Do you want to start your own business someday? 
  • Is a 9-5 type of schedule important? 
  • Are you willing to do seasonal or shift work?
  • What is your annual earnings goal? 

Bear in mind that some trades have more potential for different types and styles of work as you move up in your career. 

Below are just a few of the many career paths for skilled tradespeople in Canada. For more information, check out this article on the Top 10 Skilled Trades Jobs in 2022.

1. Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic/Technician

Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics may work on both technical and mechanical heavy-duty equipment. This may be troubleshooting, service, repairs, maintenance, or anything related to large machinery mechanics.  

People who work in this area might work for companies such as transit systems or heavy equipment dealers. This may focus on any kind of electric/electronic system, including hydraulics and pneumatic systems.   

To do this job well, you need to be comfortable working around large machinery and be comfortable with mechanical and electronic systems, which require detail-oriented work. 

This might be one of the best trades jobs for you if you can handle heavy lifting and have excellent problem-solving and analytical skills 

2. Plumber

While you may think of plumbing as people who come and unclog your drain, there’s much more to it than that. 

Plumbers are always in demand and can work in almost any setting. They are skilled tradespeople who are responsible for the design and installation of all types of plumbing fixtures. This may include design, repair, and soldering/welding. 

They may work in wastewater settings, in construction teams, in industrial settings, as contractors, or for businesses. 

Plumbers involved in construction work with construction managers, engineers, architects on designing and upgrading systems. 

To thrive in thesis trade, you should have a genuine interest in construction and water systems and mathematical ability and spatial reasoning. 

Learn more about the best trades jobs in Canada by checking out a local or virtual career fair… you never know what you might find!

3. Electrician / Industrial Electrician 

If you have the skill and aptitude to become an expert electrician, this is one of the best trades in earning potential. 

Electricians take everything electrical and anything with wiring systems, fixtures, control panels, or electric machinery. 

Tasks can include:  

  • Designing 
  • Assembling 
  • Repairing
  • Maintenance 
  • Testing 
  • Instepcting
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Diagnosing 
  • Following safety codes and standards 
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Upgrading electrical systems 

A skilled electrician can work in almost any setting, independently, in construction, or for a business. 

If you have the technical ability, mathematical skills, and detail-oriented, this is a versatile and in-demand trade.

4. Pipefitter-Steamfitter 

If you’re interested in a hands-on job that involves building and fitting, a pipefitter might be one of the best trades jobs for you. 

Pipefitters are the people who work with any type of system that carries water, steam, chemicals, or gases, often with large-scale piping systems.

A skilled pipefitter is responsible for all aspects of piping, including:   

  • Lay out  
  • Assembling
  • Maintenance 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Repairing 
  • Heating/cooling systems
  • Welding 
  • Designing 
  • Testing 

This job requires measuring, cutting, and weld with precision, so math and spatial reasoning skills are essential.

5. Mechanic 

There are plenty of different mechanics out there, each of which requires a slightly different skillset. 

Many of these jobs have the potential to bring in six figures annually, depending on your location and experience level. 

If you are interested in becoming a mechanic, you may specialize in a particular area — examples include: 

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic 
  • Truck and transport mechanic 
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Millwrights  

The setting and context of these different mechanics jobs vary widely, but anyone considering becoming a mechanic should have technical, mechanical ability, as well as strong problem-solving skills. 

This is one of the best trades jobs for you if you have excellent spatial reasoning skills and the ability to follow codes, blueprints, and manuals. 

Coordination and manual dexterity are also musts for these types of jobs.  

Get Help With Your Trades Job Search   

The jobs listed above are just a handful of many options. If nothing on this list appeals to you, some of the other best trades jobs in Canada include: 

  • Welder 
  • Sheet metal worker
  • Carpenter 
  • Powerline technician 
  • Auto mechanic/technician
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Ironworker
  • HVAC technician

Trades will always be in demand, and with the right training and experience, you’ll be able to earn a comfortable living in a trades job in Canada. 

We’re your go-to resource for finding trades jobs in Canada. Contact us for more information! 

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