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Protecting Your Mental Health

How to be proactive in taking care of your mental health so that you can nail your next interview and be an effective and productive employee.

One of the greatest advances in the cultural conversation in the last few years is the openness around mental health. Mental health used to be a taboo subject to talk about, in and outside of the workplace. It was as if everyone wanted to pretend it wasn’t an important topic to discuss.

The problem with this mindset is that it ignores the real challenges people face when they aren’t protecting their mental health. All sorts of negative consequences can come from this, including employment problems, relationship issues and financial challenges, just to name a few.

By being proactive in maintaining your mental health, you are paving the way for success in your career, your relationships and in your life. Make sure that you are being proactive about these 7 areas helps to ensure your continued stellar performance as an employee.


Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a major source of stress for all employees in every sector. If stress from Covid-19 is affecting you, you can do these things.

  • Take control of your health. That could mean getting vaccinated, bolstering your immune systems through exercise and diet and using supplementation for vitamins and minerals.
  • Do what makes you comfortable. If you don’t want to go where there are large crowds, wait until that business or place is less busy.
  • Try not to be fearful. Fear triggers negative stress hormones in your body, which can lead to negative physical and mental health consequences.

Financial Issues

Financial issues come in all shapes and sizes and they are never fun to deal with. Small, unresolved financial issues can lead to larger problems like defaults on loans and bankruptcy. These types of larger problems can lead to challenges in your workplace, further threatening your financial situation.

If you have financial challenges, be proactive by asking for help from a financial planner, a friend who has a good handle on their finances or a taking financial literacy course.


38% of Canadian marriages end in divorce. This is a personal situation that can affect every aspect of your life, including your job. If you are getting divorced, it can feel like you are alone but there is help available. In recent studies, both men and women have said that struggles in their relationship including separation and divorce, have had a direct impact on their employment. Counsellors, close friends and available online resources can all be a source of strength during the trying times of a divorce.


There are times when people don’t get along, especially at work. If you have issues with your co-workers, it pays to work through them as soon as possible. This will make your life easier and less stressful by removing the emotional tension with your co-workers. It also allows you to be more productive at your job by freeing up your mental capacity to focus on your work. Try using conflict resolution approaches or talking with your upper management to help with these challenges.

Long Term Injuries

Long term injuries can impair you physically, mentally or emotionally. These types of injuries can, unfortunately, lead to mental health issues. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! It is important to note how you feel and do what you can daily to take control of the situation.

This means accepting the reality of your circumstances while doing what you can to improve them. Finding peer groups at work can also be a great help.

Family Problems

Relationships can be extremely messy and your home and family life will not always be perfect. If you are having family problems, family counselors can be a great help. There are also a lot of great online resources that you can leverage to solve problems at home. Doing this will help stop those challenges from spilling over into your work. One additional option for those in the workforce that has started to be adopted by employers is a life coach. Sitting down with a life coach to find a balance between work and family can improve your relationship, employment and a healthy mind!


Being unemployed for any amount of time can be a daunting challenge. Not only is it tough financially but it can be very hard emotionally and mentally. Having the right supports available to get you through this tough period is critical.

  • Find financial supports. There are many supports available for those who are unemployed. Look into what you qualify for while you are searching for a new job.
  • Know that it happens to everyone. Almost everyone is unemployed at some point in their adult life. Use this opportunity as a reason to make an exciting, positive change for the future.
  • Get a new job. Work on this every day! There are amazing companies like that make it easy for tradespeople to find the right employer for their skillset. There are other companies that provide similar services for other industries.

Protecting your mental health is critical to maintaining an enjoyable and successful life. Your relationships can flourish and your quality of life can increase. It allows you to not only to find and maintain a job but gives you the ability to excel at it as well! makes it easy for those with skillsets in the trades to get connected with employers that need those skills. Contact today to see how you can take the next step in your trades career.

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